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Promoting my new community

the_filmclub the point of this community is to encourage members to watch films from all over the world, made in every possible era,so they can explore countless different cultures, characters and new ways of telling stories.And of course to have fun by discussing and writing about the films.

Watch a different movie every week :)
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GIRL hale ☮ in my mind i've been there


Artist: gotfame
Pairing/Character: general series
Theme(s): all
# of icons in post: 100
# of icons completed total: 100

Yes, I finished this already. It took some time but I'm pretty happy with the outcome. It was definitely not easy though and I definitely feel for the people who chose a subject as opposed to doing the whole series. Good luck to everyone else! =D

POSTED HERE @ taperjeans.
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Posting access

I'm a very bad mod and forgot to give all of you my lovely memebers posting access,well that is fixed and you can start posting your challenge updates :)

Really sorry about that.
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photobucket sucks

Apparently i'm very close to exceed my photobucket account bandwidth and that's why i'm gonna erase the icarlycontest folder i kept,so if by any chance you didn't save your banners into your own server or pc and want to keep them then by all means save them now cause i'll be deleting them soon.

p.s yes i've noticed some people hotlinking the banners so i'm being nice enough to let them know about taking them down.